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As a shamanic healer for over 15 years I have learned some very basic principles to wholeness.

Our bodies are created to sustain balance and a state of health.
When we hold onto our pain, wounds and disappointments these often surface in the body as dis-ease.

Using healing knowledge that spans centuries, right up to present day, these blockages can be released and balance restored.
If you really desire a whole and happy life, then you have taken the first step in healing your self.

In the counseling and teaching of A Journey Back to Self you will be guided through your beliefs and gain understanding of how these beliefs undermine your dreams and well being.

Those who complete the course with me will experience a life changing transformation.  While the course provided in this book isn't a magic pill, it does offer you the tools to
transform your life from the inside out.  Changing your beliefs, making peace with the past, empower you to express your Real Self.

Through a process of guided meditations and one on one sessions you will find the power to release your limits and live a full, joyful and wonderful life.

I offer three options.
  1. Work with me one on one through weekly phone calls, emails and chat.  This is the most intense and fastest way to change your life.  We can cover deep issues which make up the core foundation on which you have built your life.  Revealing these gifts you the opportunity to shift and change these outdated beliefs into something which most represents that which you wish to create in your life. A Signed copy of my book A Journey Back to Self is included in the one on one option.
      2.  You purchase the book, A Journey Back To Self and receive support through weekly 2 hour phone teleclasses.  These offer the option of asking questions and making comments while on a phone call for group coaching.

     3.  You purchase the book A Journey Back To Self and work at your own pace without my support.

I am offering this SPECIAL for people who pre order the book.  This isn't available on Amazon.  For everyone who orders the book now you will receive a signed copy and a free two hour teleseminar to get you started on the right track working the lessons.
The free teleseminar provides you an opportunity to speak with me on the phone and in chat as well where I can answer your questions and interact with you.
This offer is good with any of the options and only good on this website. 
Once you purchase your book or one on one with me, I will add your name to the list for the call.  You will be notified by email that I have your order and that you are set for the call.

I have taught these principles for many, many years and am always delighted with the results my clients experience.

Don't wait another minute to heal your life and create the experience of wholeness, abundance, love, joy and prosperity.




One on One Classes


We took our first breath and thus began our journey down the path of self awareness.  We have forged through many challenges and heart aches, often times holding on to these wounds as though they were treasures to be kept forever.  Now we find a yearning within us for healing, wholeness, balance and joy. 
As I began my self heal journey I opted to share my travels with others who wished to journey to wholeness.  The self heal lessons are the result of that trip... still ongoing and more joyful each day.

If you are ready to begin to walk your path with self awareness and intention of wholeness, email me and we will work together to forge the bridge to self awareness.

The online classes cover 22 lessons, best done one a week. 

You will receive the complete Ebook with all the lessons,   full email and chat room support. 

One 1 hour phone call per week is  included through Skype.  This one on one counseling includes phone calls made by me at an appointed time, private chats and emails. 

You will be invited to a private support group, for members only where you can create a profile, ask questions and share with others. 

Chat rooms are available for us to talk as well.

This is the most powerful way to find your power, with a friend and one on one coaching. 

You will receive a copy of the Selfheal ebook when you pay in full.  It is a PDF download and requires Adobe Reader..  You may work at your own speed, however, I do suggest you take your time and really apply each lesson.

Once you finish this course you will receive a certificate of GIYAME healer, level one.  You must complete each lesson, along with homework and pay in full to receive the certificate.

Email me  for more  information.
Or to sign up now,


OR monthly subscription for three months $400.00 each month for the three months

$400.00 a month for three months

3 months of $400.00

Get your copy of my book A Journey Back to Self.  Order from here and I'll sign the copy before shipping it out to you.
You can also purchase it at Amazon.
I don't sign the copies you purchase through Amazon.

Price $19.99 + $3.50 shipping

You get a FREE 2 hour teleseminar with any book purchase or one on one.  Be aware this is a pre order.  You will not receive the book for a 2-3 week period after purchase.  I will ship them from my home after signing them.

If you want to be a part of the weekly two hour tele class you will need to sign up for that later.  I will email everyone who purchases the book of the time/date of the phone call.  The first one is FREE.  If you
desire continued support I will provide that information through email.

 A preview of the introduction to the lessons



Introduction to lessons


Journey Back to Self
Selfheal lessons CD

Congratulations on your decision to get to know the real you. You have begun an incredible adventure . Each day you will realize more and more magic in your life experience.
These lessons came about through my own process of getting to know myself better. They are a means to get in touch with the Divine within yourself and begin hearing that small, still voice that guides and honors

Now that The Secret is out many are asking how do I feel good and maintain this elevated state of vibration. There are many books, classes and courses available teaching how to get rich, meditate, and heal. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information.  

Most of us are aware that we are energy vibrating molecules of energy that work like a magnet to attract more like energy.  Knowing this frees us from the thought that change is out of our hands.  We know now that we are responsible for our creations, our lives and our choices.

The question still remains though, how do I heal?  How do I make the changes permanent in my life?  

If you are ready to reprogram your thinking and your feeling, then these lessons will be of great benefit to you.  They were originally taught as online and in person classes.  As a healer, I decided to offer them to individuals who are ready to make core changes in their lives.  

While the lessons use stones and crystals for healing and meditation, it is not required.  As long as you are willing to do the exercises in each lesson you will greatly benefit.

As a healer I enjoy using the healing and balancing properties of stones and crystals as aids.  For many centuries mankind has worked with these energies as a point of focus and intention.  Before Advil, there were stones and crystals.  If you are uncomfortable with using the stones, then just do the exercises.

I also include information about the chakras and energy.  This information is for those who desire a deeper level of understanding of how the vibrations of the body work.  If it's more than you want to know, just read past it and do the exercises.
The most important part of this book is you doing the exercises.  This is where change happens and you discover yourself.  This discovery will free you from the past, and allow you to let go of all that old baggage that you have been carrying around for years.

Change comes when you change something.  Remember the old saying that insanity is doing the same thing the same way over and over, expecting a different result.  You are at the beginning of a great journey towards sanity and freedom.  Let the journey begin.

Each of us was born a magical Being. We knew who we were and were aware of our connection with each other and Divine Love.
We saw colors around everyone and everything, we heard the trees, animals and rocks speaking.
We saw the flight of the tiny fairies and gave some rides on our shoulders.
We talked to people no longer in physical form and had friends no one else could see.
Over the years, as well meaning "adults" taught us that this was our imagination and not really real.. we
relinquished much that we "knew".
These Self Heal Lessons are my journey back to myself, to that place of "knowing" that I understood as a
Being an adult never worked for me. It didn't make sense to give up knowing things just because others didn't see, hear or understand them anymore.
I am so grateful to each of my four children for being a constant reminder of these things. They kept me on my toes and my heart stayed open to remembering things I had tried to let go of due to the pressure of
"growing up" and "acting my age".
Funny thing I remember in my teens and twenties, when told to "act my age", I usually asked for a copy of the rule book with the guidelines of behavior. I couldn't stop enjoying the feel of mud between my toes,
the joy of sunshine on my face or the secret talks with people others couldn't see and hear.
After many years of struggling with "being an adult" and resisting the idea of giving up myself for someone else's version of who and how I should be, I began the journey back to self.
That's where these lessons come into play. My studies led me in one direction, looking within for my answers. Here, too is where you will find your answers.
I hope these lessons assist you on your journey.
I suggest that you work one lesson per week minimum. The more time you give to each lesson the more real the teachings will be to you.
I go back through the lessons each year, and am amazed at the new insights each time.
These are my gift to you, in hopes that Peace, Love, Understanding and Joy will be yours.
I invite you to go to www.yahoo.com and look under groups. The selfheal group is there for you to share with and read the posts of many others that have done the lessons already.
You can email me at erthmohr@sw.rr.com
I would love hearing from you.
Selfheal lessons are a production of Earth Mother Selfheal and LyonZPath Creations.
Copyright (c)1997 - 2007 Donna DeVane All Rights Reserved

Hello and I welcome you to the first class of A Journey Back to Self.
You have begun on a wonderful adventure of learning how to walk in beauty and
perfection. We will begin the lesson with a work up of what you hope to learn and get out
of this lesson. I know some of you hope to use this information when moving forward
spiritually in your own life, and a few will go further to use this to help others.
I AM Donna; Manyfeather to some of you. Most of you I have known in lives other than
this one. I am a certified GIYAME healer and teacher.
What is GIYAME?
It stands for God, Goddess, In You and Me.
It works on the basis that we were and are created in perfection. That with in each cell of
every living being there is this memory of original perfection. That dis-ease is nothing
more than emotions and messages held within the body until they become dense energy
and the longer they are ignored the louder that they "speak".
Goals of this Workbook and lessons:
To experience wholeness is to know and accept that it is your right.
To learn to activate and clear the chakras which are the energy centers of the bodies;
physical, emotional, mental, etheric.
GIYAME offers the healers and the client the option of being open to all methods of self
knowing and methods of healing.
I use stones, crystals, feathers, drums, chanting, light, dream work, memory retrieval,
energy readings; whatever is most comfortable for the client and myself.
Many methods are based on memories of healing in past lives and given to me by my
Often during the course of conversation and clearing I will see the client in a situation, or
see the emotion and hear from the body, the message which needs to be acknowledged by
the client. Healing is simple and easy...it is often the breaking down and releasing of the
old emotions, beliefs, etc. that are time consuming. For most of us we have spent many
life times working with the same lessons, often with the same people.
GIYAME works with these memories and connects the past to the now, so that a
connection can be seen and worked with.
The use of stones and crystals comes in by the way of they are not influenced by emotion to wear masks, they remember the original state of creation and are willing to share the messages of perfection with us. Different stones work with certain chakras, emotions and physical conditions. By placing the stones and crystals on certain areas of the body you can loosen blocked energy, bring up memories, pull out conditions etc.  They are also used to charge and repair torn or closed energy centers. These are used in conjunction with light and energy. While doing a treatment I focus on perfection and send this information to the cells of the client's body. I work with my personal Guides and the Guides of the client.
Often out of body travel is used so that the spirit of the client can go to a separate place of
healing, Lemuria is one I work with most often, and the body can be relaxed to receive
healing without discomfort or fear. The levels of the treatment depend upon the
individual and the desire to heal ...With some it takes longer than with others.
I do not do the work; I only work with the client to remind them of their own perfection
and to guide them to these memories.
GIYAME works on the premise that we are ONE...,one with Creator, light, love, and
each other.
I use basic and rather easy to find stones and crystals for the meditations and layouts.  If you don't have these stones please feel free to email me.  I offer a good selection of healing stones and crystals through my website and Ebay store.
Now that you know a little about me and what I do, I want to share some basic
information with you on how to begin to open your chakras. energy centers and begin
moving towards balance in you life.
These meditations have been sent to earth to bring the heavenly message of healing and balance to mankind, they are messengers that wholeness and health are man's
rightful inheritance. Ready yourself to bask in the glow of health and harmony for
which you were created. As the new age dawns, tools of light and power are now once again being made available to illuminate the path to one-ness through truth, personal power and health. These are the messages I received while in meditation through my higher self, Vinque, with the help of my personal angel , Fiona.
This material will help you on the path to spiritual growth,
understanding and total health.

Understanding balance and health

There are seven major chakras or energy centers within the human body. Each one spins with energy and corresponds to different organs, emotions, and functions within the body. in a healthy, balanced person each is open and spinning in a clockwise direction. from birth to childhood. As we experience the traumas of life, some of
our chakras or universal energies become clogged,  torn and
sometimes closed. The purpose of these meditations is to open, energize and clear the powerful centers so you can experience fullness of life
and physical health.


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